Transportation Modeling Services

WRCOG Transportation and Planning Department administers and distributes the Riverside County Transportation Model (RIVCOM).  Agencies and independent consultants can access the RIVCOM model either through executing a User Agreement and User Fee, or WRCOG can, upon request, provide RIVCOM analysis on a per use basis.

The RIVCOM model is a complex system that analyzes road networks, socio-economic data, driver behavior, and goods movement to predict where traffic flow will occur as the population grows and changes.  While the RIVCOM model covers the entire SCAG region, Riverside County is the focus of analysis and the model data is more disaggregated within the County as opposed to other areas of the region.

The table below outlines the various costs associated with the model.  WRCOG invites all agencies and independent consultants to take advantage of these services on their various transportation planning projects.  Please contact Cameron Brown ( to access these services.

Further technical information on the RIVCOM model can be found here.

Modeling Costs

Task Cost
Access to RIVCOM Model (Source Files) $5000/$1000 per year
Model Run with Network and Land Use Adjustments $5000
Model Run with Land Use Adjustments $4000
Model Run with Network Adjustments $4000
Select Link/Zone Assignment - Added to scenario $500
VMT Per Capita and VMT per employee - scenario $2000
Traffic Flow Maps for Existing/Future Year Models $300