The COGCast is a bi-weekly podcast series featuring a variety of topics and issues relevant to the western Riverside subregion in 20-minute episodes.  Every episode provides an opportunity for listeners to learn about agencies, programs, and/or issues impacting quality of life in this fast-growing subregion.  Catch all episodes here!

The COGCast is available to listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and PodBean.

To suggest a future COGCast episode topic, please contact Rachel Singer at rsinger@wrcog.us.

Recent Releases 

Episode 42: The One About the Murrieta/Wildomar Chamber of Commerce. Chambers of commerce play a critical role by providing collaboration opportunities between local companies and the public sector. These efforts are especially important as businesses and jurisdictions navigate in a COVID-19 world. Tune in for this episode of the WRCOGCast as we sit down with Patrick Ellis, President & CEO of the Murrieta/Wildomar Chamber of Commerce, to discuss how the Chamber is working to champion, engage, and promote local businesses in the midst of COVID-19.  Click here to listen. 

Episode 41: The One About Lewis Group of Companies & the Inland Empire. Lewis Group of Companies has a longstanding history of partnership in the Inland Empire. The company first began in 1955 and over its 65-year history, it has continued to establish itself as a regional contributor and catalyst for development. Randall Lewis, Executive Vice President for Marketing at Lewis Group of Companies, joins this episode of the COGCast to share his take on the future of the region in response to recent disruptions.Click here to listen!

Episode 40: The One With Kome Ajise. As the largest metropolitan planning agency in the country, the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) undertakes a variety of efforts to elevate the quality of life throughout the region. One of the agency's latest accomplishments was the development of Connect SoCal, a 45-year Regional Transportation Plan with an integrated Sustainable Communities Strategy. Intended to be a long-range visioning plan, this foundational document will help set the pace for the greater southern California region far into the future. Tune in for this podcast episode as Kome Ajise, SCAG Executive Director, shares about Connect SoCal, housing, and more! Click here to listen.