wESTERN rIVERSIDE cOUNTY Clean Cities Coalition

The Western Riverside County Clean Cities Coalition brings together local government and private industries to expand the use of alternatives to petroleum fuel, by promoting the education and adoption of advanced technologies in transportation. The Coalition helps municipalities manage the expanding use of alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) in the sub region while promoting resources strengthening AFV infrastructure.

SoCal AltCar Conference, Expo, and Ride & Drive

WRCOG hosted the 1st Annual SoCal AltCar Conference, Expo, and Ride & Drive at the Riverside Convention Center.  AltCar brought together groups of leading policymakers, fleets, sustainability directors, and legislators to discuss the importance of alternative and advanced technology transportation.  AltCar’s purpose is to increase awareness and knowledge of AFVs in California and provide an opportunity for local governments, staff, and residents an opportunity to learn about the different AFV choices available. The ride & drive component offers attendees the opportunity to test drive some of the industry’s leading alternative fuel vehicles.

AltCar is now live, featuring themed webinars on “How to keep the momentum with AFVs in the face of shrinking budgets.”  Keynote speaker, Terry Tamminen, President of 7th Generation Advisors, opened the conversation followed by a short briefing on heavy-duty vehicles from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and upcoming funding opportunities from the California Energy Commission (CEC.)  A second live webinar focused on Extended Questions and Answers for participants.  Keynote speaker, City of Wildomar Councilmember Ben Benoit, who is also currently serving as the Vice-President of the South Coast Air Quality Management District, opened the discussion and welcomed panel presenters from CARB, CEC, and the California Center for Sustainability.  AltCar’s next live webinar event is scheduled for April 2021 and will feature esteemed keynote speakers, virtual field trips, online training, and much more. For registration and more information about the event, please visit AltCar’s webpage.

State Route 91 Alternative Fuel Corridor Designation

In 2020 the Coalition along with California’s Department of Transportation (Caltrans) successfully designated State Route (SR) 91 as an Alternative Fuel Corridor for electric and hydrogen passenger vehicles under the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Alternative Fuel Corridors are designed to establish a national network of alternative fueling and charging infrastructure along with the national highway system. The designation of SR 91 will help ease range anxiety among commuters by identifying and addressing infrastructure gaps along the corridor. WRCOG will work with Caltrans to install signage along the corridor to expand awareness about the availability of alternative fueling stations. 
For more information about the designation of alternative fuel corridors, please visit the FHWA Alternative Fuel Corridor webpage.
To find a public alternative fueling station near you, please use the station locator 

provided by the Alternative Fuels Data Center – U.S Department of Energy.  

Clean Cities Coalition Meetings

Representatives from WRCOG's member agencies, transportation agencies, and local stakeholders meet to highlight program goals and objectives every quarter. 
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Participating Jurisdictions

City of Banning
City of Riverside
City of Calimesa
City of San Jacinto
City of Corona
City of Temecula
City of Eastvale
City of Wildomar
City of Hemet
County of Riverside 
City of Lake Elsinore
City of Moreno Valley
City of Perris

For more information on the national Clean Cities network, administered by the U.S. Department of Energy please see below or contact staff.