The Regional Streetlight Program was designed to facilitate the sale of over 50,000 utility-owned streetlights to 11 local governments in Western Riverside County, and provides streetlight LED conversion and maintenance services.  As one of WRCOG’s most extensive energy efficiency programs, this initiative will generate up to $70 million dollars over 20-years in net savings and reduce annual energy use by 17.4 million kWh.  In addition to cost savings and reducing energy consumption, WRCOG secured and will disburse over $3.6 million dollars in utility rebates to the participating agencies.

Participating Agencies

  • City of Eastvale
  • City of Hemet
  • City of Lake Elsinore
  • City of Menifee
  • City of Moreno Valley
  • City of Murrieta

  • City of Perris
  • City of San Jacinto
  • City of Temecula
  • City of Wildomar
  • Jurupa Community Services District
Before and after example of a LED retrofit on a residential street in the City of Murrieta.
comparison picture

Program Metrics

Streetlights Purchased From Utility: 49,057 lamps (48,759 poles)

LED Streetlight Conversions: 53,905 lamps (53,587 poles)

Annual Utility Savings: $5,004,837.73

Annual Energy Savings: 17,422,681.14 kWh
      • equivalent of 2,086 residential homes annual electricity use
      • equivalent of emissions reductions from taking 2,661 cars off the road each year
LED Rebates Back to Agencies: $3,639,693
Presentation of Rebate checks to the Cities of Eastvale and Murrieta.
rebate check

Some benefits to converting the streetlights to LED are:
    • reduced utility bills
    • lower energy consumption
    • improved public safety and roadway visibility
    • less light pollution
    • even light distribution, with fewer dark areas
    • longer lifespan

Smart Streetlights Implementation Plan

As part of the Regional Streetlight Program, the Smart Streetlights Implementation Plan will analyze and provide the necessary steps for member jurisdictions to leverage and implement public-owned streetlights as a smart city asset through various uses:
  • Economic
  • Mobility
  • Public Safety
  • Environmental / Sustainability
  • Connectivity / Asset Management
The Smart Streetlights Implementation Plan will also identify procurement strategies and funding opportunities to implement proposed projects and/or uses of streetlights as a smart city asset.

Broadband Assessment

One of the key issues related to smart cities is broadband access.  Within Riverside County, there have been several previous and on-going efforts to facilitate public and private broadband development.  The Broadband Assessment will help WRCOG evaluate the potential for encouraged development of a broadband network serving the subregion.

Transforming the Night Sky and Aerial Photography

Riverside County is one of the first governing bodies in the world to restrict outdoor lighting to preserve the darkness of the night sky.  While the intent of limiting light pollution was to benefit a nearby observatory, it is also considered by many to be a significant contribution to the quality of life in the County.  Light pollution may be reduced by use of LED street lighting due to the ability to accurately direct light onto the street, thereby reducing overall light output, light intrusion on nearby areas, and upward light.  To depict this, WRCOG organized for “before” and “after” nighttime ground and aerial photographs to be taken of communities in the subregion where the streetlights were converted to LED.

satelite view
WRCOG LightSuite
As part of the Regional Streetlight Program, a group of modern lighting regulation
documents and resources, called the LightSuite, has been developed for use by WRCOG
member agencies and public agencies. In addition to ensuring that all LED lighting complies with County outdoor lighting regulations, AMA recommendations, and CalTech’s Mt. Palomar Observatory recommendations, LightSuite proposes modernization to all existing ordinances and coordinates them with the State of California's outdoor lighting regulations put in place since 2006. Properly implemented, LightSuite will help improve planning, permitting and enforcement in every community, and help the County of Riverside maintain its status as one of the largest dark sky preserves in populated areas of Southern California.
Streetlight Demonstration Areas
In 2016-2017, WRCOG partnered with the City of Hemet to implement an LED Streetlight Demonstration Area to gather feedback on new lighting technologies that were considered for widespread use as part of the Program.  Over 100 people attended five Streetlight Demonstration Area tours in City consisting of members of the public, elected officials, city staff, law enforcement, astronomers, and scientists.  Click on the links below for demonstration photos and results:

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