The purpose of the Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG) is to unify Western Riverside County so that it can speak with a collective voice on important issues that affect its members. Representatives from 18 cities, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, and the Eastern and Western Municipal Water Districts, have seats on the WRCOG Executive Committee, the group that sets policy for the organization, and the Riverside County Superintendent of Schools is an ex-officio member.
Recognizing that many issues related to growth are not constrained by political boundaries, WRCOG focuses on a number of regional matters important to our future. By working together through its committee structure and utilizing resources, WRCOG is cost-effective by reducing duplication of effort and sharing information, enabling strong advocacy and strengthening Western Riverside's standing in the region and the State. In all its efforts, WRCOG strives to "respect local control, provide regional perspective, and make a difference" to elevate the quality of life throughout the subregion. 

Strategic Plan
In January 2022, WRCOG completed and adopted its Western Riverside Council of Government’s 2022-2027 Strategic Plan.  Its purpose is to help WRCOG prioritize its efforts, allocating both fiscal and human resources, to achieve a shared Vision and Goals that also reflect community priorities and needs.  The Plan is the result of a comprehensive review by DKS Associates of WRCOG's annual budget, agendas and minutes of Executive Committee meetings, news articles, demographic data, and incorporation documents.

2021 Annual Report
For 30 years, WRCOG has delivered cost-saving, innovative programs in alignment with the mission – respect local control, provide regional perspective, and make a difference. This mission remains a key cornerstone of our work as we collaborate with members on issues that transcend political and jurisdictional boundaries. These collaborative efforts achieve effective and cost-efficient results, enable strong advocacy, and strengthen Western Riverside County’s standing in Southern California and the State. The programs administered by WRCOG have achieved national prominence while staying true to its mission. The 2021 Annual Report will give you a better in-depth look at the collaborative efforts taken during the last year across the subregion.