Resilient IE

Resilient IE is a collaborative effort between WRCOG and the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA), funded by Caltrans, that is working to support regional and local efforts to prepare for and mitigate risks associated with climate adaptation and transportation infrastructure.  Caltrans awarded a total of $683k to develop six primary project components:

  1. A newly established regional climate collaborative, the “Inland Empire Regional Climate Collaborative” (IERCC);
  2. A revision to WRCOG’s community vulnerability assessment and establishment of a vulnerability assessment for San Bernardino County;
  3. A pilot project assessing the true, community cost of a downed or damaged transportation asset;
  4. City-level, climate-related transportation hazards and evacuation maps;
  5. A climate resilient transportation infrastructure guidebook; and
  6. A regional climate adaptation and resiliency template general plan element.

Project updates:

The Climate Resilient Transportation Infrastructure Guidebook is now available. The Guidebook provides insights on current policy, local and regional challenges and solutions, resilient infrastructure strategies, procedures, case studies, design examples, and implementing guidance.